About Dave Aydelott

Dave Aydelott is a Seattle based artist focusing on reductive painting. All of his work is dependent on color, texture and form. Color serves as the inspiration for his work, as the artist explores the relationships of colors interacting together to create a mood. Texture is also central to his work, as it adds to the uniqueness of his paintings. Aydelott uses a substance called Painter’s Butter in his work, which allows the paint to thicken and impasto in appearance while still being flexible and easy to work with. Aydelott creates balanced color studies made more interesting by his implementation of texture; his works always have something new to offer the eye.

Going into Battle

My sculpted paintings are a conflict between structure and free form.

To see me work in my studio is quite amusing because I literally go to battle with my painting--which at times can be highly animated. These battles are the result of how I want to sculpt my paint, versus what the painting will allow me to do. I may want a color of paint to be pulled or blended in a certain way, but the painting tells me I can only move so much of it and I will have to figure out the rest. The end results are a physical time stamp which allows the viewer to feel like they were almost there as the piece was being created.

Headshot of Dave